Natursutten All Natural Rubber Pacifier – BPA & Phthalates Free, Baby Safe, Non-Toxic Pacifier

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Natural Rubber Tree - Hevea Brasiliensi

Natural Rubber Tree - Hevea Brasiliensi

What is BPA & Phthalates and why should you choose a natural pacifier for your baby?

Bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA, and Phthalates are chemical compounds primarily used in manufacturing of plastics. The United States government toxicologists recently concluded based on animal studies that BPA and Phthalates present concern for harmful effects on development of the prostate and brain and for behavioral changes in fetuses, infants and children.  While a handful of states are taking steps in banning BPA and phthalates in children’s toys and child care items,  these harmful chemicals were banned in European toys a decade ago.

The only all natural pacifier on the market is the Natursutten All Natural Rubber Pacifier.

What is the Natursutten pacifier made of?
Natursutten pacifiers are made from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensi.

Where are the Natursutten pacifiers made?
Natursuttens pacifiers are made in Germany and marketed there under the name Goldie-Sauger. All Natursuttens products meet all the requirements of EN1400, which means that the product meets the EU directive on this product in terms of safety, health and environment.

Natursutten BPA Free Natural Pacifier

Why choose a Natursutten pacifier for your baby?
The soft material of the Natursutten Pacifier has several advantages:

  • Follows the natural mouth movements of the baby
  • Does not leave marks on the baby’s face
  • Have shown incredible strength in the Stretch-test
  • 100% natural
  • Environment friendly

What is the advantage of a one-piece pacifier?
The pacifiers are very hygienic because they are molded in one piece. This means, that there is no joining or crack where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Conventional pacifiers usually has a joining where the mouthpiece and its shield are joined, this is always difficult to keep clean. The shield of Natursutten is larger than conventional shields in order to prevent babies to squeeze the flexible material together enough to get it into their mouth.

What if my baby has latex allergies?
The protein that on rare occasions can provoke a latex allergy is removed from the rubber mass used for these pacifiers. This means, that there is no risk of latex allergy when using them.

If you buy a Natursutten Pacifier, you and your baby avoid:

  • Allergy causing substances
  • Artificial color
  • Cancer causing substances
  • Hormone disturbing substances
  • Chemical softeners
  • Parabens, PVC and phthalates

No matter what pacifier you decide to choose for your baby, make sure its free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

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