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green baby shower gift

If there is a new baby coming in the life of someone you know, you may be pondering the possible baby shower gifts you can purchase. While there are plenty of options out there in the department stores, you want to get something that is not only a nice gift, but is also eco friendly. You’re not alone. There are plenty of people looking for green baby shower gifts. So, I have compiled a list of the gifts you may want to choose.

  • Cloth Diapers & Diaper Cover – There is not much more harmful to the environment than thousands of disposable diapers being added to landfill by each and every baby that is born. This is why you may want to instead help the mother-to-be find a greener way to raise their baby. One way to do this is to purchase a variety of cloth diapers to help the mother-to-be have these eco friendly options already in her inventory. Many new moms will try cloth diapers and will get frustrated by leakage. Perhaps they don’t know about diaper covers or the fact that these machine-washable over-pants will help stop the leakage and catch anything that happens to make its way through the diaper. Purchasing a diaper cover or two is a way to help her stick with those eco friendly cloth diapers and not give up on green baby care because of the mess.
  • BPA-Free Teethers – It won’t be long after baby is born that those first teeth will start breaking through. That means mom is going to need a good teether for baby to use. Your eco friendly baby shower gift can be one that benefits the baby by making sure he is not teething on a teether filled with harmful BPAs. Instead, purchase a BPA-Free Teether so baby can cut those teeth on something green and completely safe.
  • Organic Baby Carrier – Mom and baby are barely going to be apart after the baby is born. That means a great eco friendly green baby shower gift is a way to help her carry her baby around that is also environmentally friendly. When it comes to baby carriers and slings, look for those that have been created with organic fibers and materials, which are more friendly to the planet, as well as to the newborn and mother.
  • Organic Baby Gift Box - These thoughtful and practical baby gift boxes are packed with a variety of natural baby products that are pure and safe for the baby. Items included in the gift box range from natural teethers and pacifiers to organic blankets, onesies and baby creams.
  • Diaper Cake - makes a memorable eco friendly green baby shower gift. It looks stunning as a baby shower centerpiece and makes a practical baby gift that will delight any expectant parent. Your guests will marvel this creation and it will be the talk of the baby shower. Diaper cakes are packed with baby essentials and the fact that every item can be used by the new parent makes them eco friendly as oppose to the traditional baby shower centerpieces which usually end up in the trash.

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Great ideas. Thank you for the list. I had never heard of a Diaper Cake before.

Written By Colored Organics on June 30th, 2009 @ 10:48 am

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