5 Ways to Go Greener With Your Baby

Regardless of your feelings for global warming or eco-friendly lifestyles, it’s obvious that green products are the best choices for your baby. Why wouldn’t you trade chemicals and plastics for natural, healthy options? Check out five of the best green products you can get for your baby.

Our Diaper Cake Featured on ParentsTV

One of our favorite diaper cakes was recently featured on ParentsTV and we wanted to share it with you.  Throwing a baby shower is a wonderful gesture for a mom to be, but sometimes we don’t realize the gift we are giving can actually be harmful to the baby.  This segment goes over a few [...]

Organic Bamboo Cloth Diaper Review - Gift Certificate Giveaway

Poverty Jane is an Etsy Shop, created by an intriguing Adirondack mom named Kate who sells everything from cloth diapers to adorable baby shoes to mittens and much more in between. Inspired by simplicity and driven by passion, Kate devotes her full self to creating safe, durable, and practical products.
Kate was kind enough to [...]

Find Out If You Qualify for Free Solar Power - Go Green and Cut Your Bills

We are please to announce that we have partnered with SEES, Inc. for you, as one of our valued relationships, to get a FREE Energy Audit, plus you will receive a:

FREE Energy Audit
FREE Energy Guide
FREE Green Energy Talk Magazine

All designed to help homeowners lower their energy bills and help the planet [...]

Ez WyP Eco Friendly Biodegradable Disposable Wet Wipes

I ran into this product at GoGreenExpo in New York City back in April. It looked pretty interesting and we decided to add it to our store. EZ WyP is a biodegradable disposable wet wipe. EZ Wyp is all natural - no chemicals, no anti solutions, no alcohol. Ezwyp is soft, absorbent, lint free, [...]

HAPPYBABY Organic Baby Foods - Finalists in SHINEALIGHT Competition

HAPPYBABY organic baby foods launched on Mother’s Day 2006 with 5 products in 5 small NYC stores. The business is the brainchild of a social entrepreneur who wanted to make a difference using business, support sustainable agriculture, provide our children with the best start to instill eating habits for a healthy happy life, and simultaneously [...]

Eco Friendly Organic Cloth Diaper - A Greener Way to Diaper Our Babies

I love little tushes and I love seeing them in comfort.  I have been using a variety of eco friendly disposables, and though i love Nature BabyCare, I wanted a greener, and softer option. This is when I came upon a great opportunity to use and review an awesome Organic Cloth Diaper that is handcrafted [...]

Eco Friendly Green Baby Shower Gifts

If there is a new baby coming in the life of someone you know, you may be pondering the possible baby shower gifts you can purchase. While there are plenty of options out there in the department stores, you want to get something that is not only a nice gift, but is also eco friendly. [...]