Baby Vac Nasal Aspirator - The Most Effective Nasal Aspirator

We have been getting great reviews after adding this latest product from Baby-Vac.  Designed by an award-winning scientist, the Baby-Vac™ Nasal Aspirator effectively and safely removes mucus from the nasal cavity in an efficient and gentle manner. The Baby-Vac™ has been clinically tested and approved. It is recommended by pediatricians and ENT [...]

Swine Flu Natural Cures - Using Home Remedies to Treat Swine Flu

The Swine Flu has been the topic of most people conversations lately. And no wonder, it is quickly sweeping across our country, infecting many with a possible “killer” flu. Hundreds of schools have closed down, more employees are working from home, travel warnings are more widespread, public outings are becoming more cautious, and we all [...]

Rocket Fuel Perchlorate Chemical Found in Baby Formula

When a parent pours baby formula into a child’s bottle, they might not be aware exactly what ingredients are in that thick, nutritionally packed mix. But rocket fuel is not an ingredient many expect to find. A government study by scientists at the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has revealed that traces of perchlorate, [...]