Rocket Fuel Perchlorate Chemical Found in Baby Formula

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When a parent pours baby formula into a child’s bottle, they might not be aware exactly what ingredients are in that thick, nutritionally packed mix. But rocket fuel is not an ingredient many expect to find. A government study by scientists at the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has revealed that traces of perchlorate, a rocket fuel chemical, has been found in every single brand of baby formula tested, with the highest levels in powdered infant formulas made from cows milk containing lactose. Traces of the chemical far exceed what’s considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also contaminated with the ingredient.

What is Perchlorate? Even though Perchlorate occurs naturally in the environment contamination has been tied to defense and aerospace industries, it’s made for use in rocket propellant, explosives, fireworks, and road flares. High levels of exposure to perchlorate may disrupt the function of the thyroid gland, which is needed for normal growth and development of the central nervous system, according to the FDA. Thyroid problems can also impact fetal and infant brain development.

According to the study the largest amounts of the chemical were in formulas derived from cow’s milk. How does perchlorate get into infant formula? Perchlorate has been found in drinking water in some areas of the country water supply that’s given to dairy cows. Those cows, in turn, pass the perchlorate chemicals through their milk, and that milk is used to make infant formula that many parents feed their babies.

Is there a better alternative? Human breast milk is obviously the best choice, formula will never contain live antibodies, and the cow milk based formula will always contain proteins that are hard for babies to digest. But if that’s not available, goat’s milk infant formula is the next-best thing. There are also ways of making your own home made baby formula.

Whats the bottom line? The water supply is toxic, even without the trace amounts of Perchlorate chemical and other pharmaceuticals contaminants found in todays water, all cities are intentionally adding fluoride and chlorine chemicals to the water supply making it a toxic brew. It’s clear that we have to take matters in to our own hands to protect ourselves from the dangerous water supply if we wish to stop poisoning ourselves and our babies.

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It’s very important that the public understand that perchlorate does not just affect the thyroid, it affects the cd34 stem cells that form thyroid and connective tissue. See York et al 2005 pubmed id 16393938 and Jendelova et al 2005 pubmed id 15929552.

Written By Larry Ladd on April 9th, 2009 @ 10:45 pm

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