Our Diaper Cake Featured on ParentsTV

One of our favorite diaper cakes was recently featured on ParentsTV and we wanted to share it with you.  Throwing a baby shower is a wonderful gesture for a mom to be, but sometimes we don’t realize the gift we are giving can actually be harmful to the baby.  This segment goes over a few things you can do to green up your baby shower.  The featured organic cloth diaper cake is the perfect green baby shower gift.  Includes 18 organic cloth diapers, sophie the giraffe teether, Organic Thermal Receiving Blanket, and a trial size Weleda cream.

Diaper Cake and Natural Toys Sale

To welcome in the spring and to make some room for new merchandise we are slashing prices on a lot of our inventory. We have diaper cakes on sale in every category. If you are planning a baby shower with a theme, now is the time to order one of our themed diaper cakes. Bob the builder diaper cake as well as the Ladybug diaper cake have been our customer favorites. Of course if you don’t want to miss out on the fun of decorating a diaper cake during a baby shower you can get one of our do-it-yourself diaper cakes, those prices have been reduced as well. Sophie the giraffe and her other Vullie friends the Chan Pie Gnons are also on sale as well as other natural toys and teethers. If you had something else in mind that you don’t see in our catalog, please contact us. We can create a custom diaper cake to suite any baby shower theme. We are not sure how long this sale will last so don’t miss out!

Diaper Cakes and Baby Gifts Wholesale - Drop Ship Program

Do you like our products and want to carry them on your website or in your store? Do you currently have your own online store and are looking to expand your product line with no up-front costs? Are you just starting out, and do not want to carry a lot of inventory? Our drop ship / wholesale program is the perfect solution. Our great selection of Baby Gifts, Diaper Cakes and Baby Shower Favors can be found in baby and children’s stores, gift shops, and online stores across the US.

How Does Our Wholesale Drop Ship Program Work?

  1. You upload our diaper cakes, baby gifts and baby shower favors on your website - feel free to use any of our photos and descriptions.
  2. You DO NOT purchase any merchandise until you have sold the item and collected the money from your customer.
  3. You then purchase the item from us, and we ship it directly to your customer.

It’s THAT simple!

Why Drop Ship and what are the Benefits of Drop Shipping?

  1. This allows you to sell a broad range of products with no investment.
  2. There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain.
  3. You do not have to take the time to package and mail the merchandise, including expense of packaging material.
  4. No minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you like.
  5. We DO NOT charge Drop Ship Fee to ship to your customers like some other companies!
  6. We DO NOT charge a sign up fee or one-time fee like other companies!
  7. We ship FAST!
  8. We ship WORLDWIDE via USPS.
  9. We will send you the tracking numbers automatically via Email.
  10. We offer unique products and add new items to our inventory weekly.
  11. We also offer exclusive designs just for your store to keep your site unique and different. Contact Us for more information on how to get started with Exclusive designs.

We will Drop Ship your order anywhere you want it shipped AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! You pay for the merchandise and the actual shipping costs, and that’s all!

When We Dropship, We do the Following:

  1. We include YOUR return address and/or business name. This is called Blind Drop Shipping.
  2. We DO NOT include our company name anywhere on or in the order.
  3. We DO NOT include the prices paid for the merchandise.
Please fill out the application to qualify for our drop ship program.

Organic Bamboo Cloth Diaper Review - Gift Certificate Giveaway

Organic Bamboo Diaper in Karate Print

Organic Bamboo Diaper in Karate Print

Poverty Jane is an Etsy Shop, created by an intriguing Adirondack mom named Kate who sells everything from cloth diapers to adorable baby shoes to mittens and much more in between. Inspired by simplicity and driven by passion, Kate devotes her full self to creating safe, durable, and practical products.

Kate was kind enough to donate a One Size Organic Bamboo diaper in Karate print along with a 3 layer and 5 layer bamboo insert.  After stripping the oils and prepping the diaper for its first time use Read More…

Find Out If You Qualify for Free Solar Power - Go Green and Cut Your Bills

We are please to announce that we have partnered with SEES, Inc. for you, as one of our valued relationships, to get a FREE Energy Audit, plus you will receive a:

  1. FREE Energy Audit
  2. FREE Energy Guide
  3. FREE Green Energy Talk Magazine

All designed to help homeowners lower their energy bills and help the planet go green.

We love the FREE Energy Audit, fill out the simple form and you will be presented with a 10-20 page detailed analysis of ways you cane make your home more energy efficient.

You will also receive a list of all the incentives, rebates and grants available for your zip code. There is no cost or obligation and you can opt out of future emailings at any time.

Facebook Diaper Cake App - Send Virtual Diaper Cakes To Your Friends and Coworkers

In case you have not discovered it on your own, i am going to tell you about our neat little Facebook app., its called “Diaper Cakes by GrowInStyle.com“.  With all the gift apps on Facebook we decided to create our own. Its a cool virtual gift to send to your expecting friends and coworkers as well as to those who have recently given birth. Just go the app, select the diaper cake you want to give, then select the friend and just hit send. And while you are there we encourage you to become a fan of the app! There is a large selection of diaper cakes in the app, even a few for expecting dads. We also added Sophie the Giraffe, its such a popular natural baby toy that parents love receiving it whether its the real world or virtual.  Everyone enjoys virtual gifts on facebook, but nothing beats the real thing, please browse our full line of real diaper cakes on our site.

Rate our Diaper Cakes, Drop Ship Program And More!

rate our diaper cakes

In the recent few weeks we have been busy working on upgrading our website.  We have added a lot of new features, most of them are just to help us be more efficient, but we added a few for our customers as well.  One feature we are really excited about is letting our customers rate and review our products.  Some of the other new features include improved search, shopping cart thumbnail images and we are also in the middle of setting up a drop ship program (stay tuned).  Qualified retailers will be able to list our unique diaper cakes and other products on their website or in their retail store without stocking inventory or any drop ship fees.  Once you sell the item we simply ship it for you, we include YOUR return address and/or business name.  We DO NOT include our company name anywhere on or in the order, so your customers stay yours.  This allows you to sell a broad range of products with no investment.  More details about our baby gifts drop ship program coming soon.  Please enjoy the new features and please leave your rating or review, just click on the stars on the products page.

Black Friday Sale - Sophie The Giraffe Natural Teether - $14.95

Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is one of the worlds most famous baby teethers and has now become one of the must have teethers amongst parents all over the world. Celebrities have embraced Sophie and their kids are constantly photographed chewing away on Sophie the Giraffe. Kate Hudson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Debra Messing, Nicole Richie are just some of the celebrities who rely on this little French giraffe. Read More…

Baby Shower Themes - Christmas Themed Baby Shower

3 Tier Organic Christmas Diaper Cake

3 Tier Organic Christmas Diaper Cake

Are you hosting a baby shower during the Christmas season? This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the baby while using Christmas decorations as your backdrop. During these winter months many individuals are busy getting into the Christmas spirit and whats a better way to get into the Christmas spirit and celebrate the future arrival of a new baby boy or girl than have a Christmas themed baby shower? Read More…

Ez WyP Eco Friendly Biodegradable Disposable Wet Wipes

Ez Wyp Biodegradable Disposable Wipes

Ez Wyp Biodegradable Disposable Wipes

I ran into this product at GoGreenExpo in New York City back in April. It looked pretty interesting and we decided to add it to our store. EZ WyP is a biodegradable disposable wet wipe. EZ Wyp is all natural - no chemicals, no anti solutions, no alcohol. Ezwyp is soft, absorbent, lint free, and sanitary. It leaves your skin smooth, and is extremely durable due to its silky fibers. EZ WyP has no expiration date. It is already dry with no chemicals. Read More…